• Asahi Single Cultivar Matcha by Azuma Tea Garden

    The Azuma Tea Garden is a family run, fourth generation tea farm in the mountains of Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan.  Surrounded by mountains, water, clean air, and rich soil  the Wazuka area is the main production region for world famous Uji tea.  The Azuma gardens are not yet all fully certified organic, but they are in the process of converting to organic cultivation so all of their teas are pesticide free.

    This is a single cultivar, unblended matcha using the Asahi cultivar.  Asahi has a low yield with a short plucking window, but it is highly valued for tencha (tencha is pre-ground matcha) and tends to be a more expensive offering.  It makes some of our very favorite matchas, year after year.

    The taste of this matcha is well rounded, smooth, and luxurious.  There is a creamy sweetness and overall well-made balance to the tea.  It's quite easy drinking and we recommend using 160 degree water to really let the matcha shine. 

    Ground in July 2023.  Each order is for 30 grams which is approximately 15 bowls of tea using a traditional 2 gram serving.