Takachiho Kama-iri Cha

Takachiho Kamar-iri Cha is an organically grown pan-fired Japanese green tea.  The liquor is sweet and light, quite fragrant with notes of spice and roasted nut. There is minimal astringency, making this an easy drinking fragrant specialty tea.

The Takachiho cultivar was made from a native growing variety (that is, 'native' and seed-propogated after the tea was transplanted from China to Japan several centuries ago) and was chosen specifically for making kama-iri cha teas.  

Kamairi-cha denotes the type of tea this is and Takachiho denotes the cultivar used.  Kamairi-cha make up less than 3% off all the Japanese green teas produced, but have actually been around since the 16th century.  

Takachiho Kamairi-cha is from Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.