Exploring Puerh Tea - Online Course - July 18

If you're curious about puerh and would like to get your toes wet in the delicious waters of this genre of tea, come join our Exploring Puerh Tea online gathering.  Puerh is a highly variable family of tea with a powerful ability to obsess those who fall under its spell.  Join us as we drink through a few different types and their steeping strategies.

Each ticket to class comes with small packets of different types of puerh so that we can drink the same teas together during class.  The cost of shipping the teas is included in the price of the ticket.  You will need to have a gaiwan or a gong fu style pot to get the most out of this class, but if you have neither we can still make it work. 

We will send out the teas and an email approximately a week before class day so there will be plenty of time for the teas to reach you.

Please note: if you need me to send your teas to someplace other than your billing address please email me when you order at tsronline@thesteepingroom.com.  

This product is non-refundable.  We can only mail teas for this class within the USA - no international shipping for this product.