Exploring Aged Teas - Online Course - August 15

Believe it or not, many kinds of tea can age beautifully!  It is a myth that all tea goes bad after a year to 18 months.  In fact, many teas are made specifically to age for a number of years and some teas are much better after having rested (aka aged) for one to two years.  In this gathering, we'll drink some aged teas and discuss what goes into helping a tea age well, the changes you can anticipate for aged teas, and some specific strategies for steeping them. 

Each ticket comes with the teas that we will steep together during the event.  The cost of shipping the teas (within the US only) is included in the price of the ticket.  You will need to have a gaiwan or a some other type of gong fu steeping vessel for class.

We will send out the teas and an email approximately ten days before class day so there will be plenty of time for the teas to reach you.

Please note: if you need me to send your teas to someplace other than your billing address please email me when you order at tsronline@thesteepingroom.com.  

This product is non-refundable.  We can only mail teas for this class within the USA - no international shipping for this product.