2020 Golden Water Turtle Wuyi Rock Oolong | Shui Jin Gui

Golden Water Turtle is one of the Four Famous Varieties of Wuyi Oolong.  It is known to produce a tea with a clear and deep orange liquor, a full body, and notes of plum and a sweet floral finish.  

This Shui Jin Gui was harvested in May of 2020, charcoal roasted three times, and the rested for several months to let the roast cool and harmonize with the tea.   There is beautiful minerally cocoa quality to the tea with an absolutely gorgeous floral fragrance. 

The Wuyi area is where oolong and black teas were born.  Wuyi is home to Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (the original black tea, which is currently undergoing a renaissance but for many decades was known simply as the heartily smoked Lapsang Souchong).  It is also home to Rock Oolong, the O.G. of oolong – the first, the darkest oxidized, and the most roasted of all the oolong families. 

No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.  Tea maker: Cindy Chen.