• Charcoal Roasted Beyond the Clouds - Yunnan Black Tea

    Charcoal Roasted Beyond the Clouds is what we consider a perfect everyday tea. 

    It's incredibly smooth and clean, grown from old trees in high altitude Ai Lao Mountains (Yunnan Province).  The drinking experience is rich, sweet, and malty with a beautiful lingering sweetness.   It's not really a showy tea, more of a tea that you look forward to everyday for it's reliably awesome flavor, mouthfeel, and overall well-roundedness. 

    This is an excellent tea for drinking now, but is also well suited to aging if you keep it stored correctly.  To store it for the long term, just seal it in a light proof, oxygen proof, moisture proof container and give it a good place to rest undisturbed for a few years.  You'll likely have a treasure on your hands in five years or so if you do that. 

    2019 harvest

    No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.