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2021 Moon Waffles White Tea from White2Tea

2021 Moon Waffles, from White2Tea, is an compressed white tea made using lots of fuzzy white buds from Yunnan Big Leaf tea trees. The cakes are scored into a waffle shape, which makes it really easy to just break off a chunk when you're ready to prepare it.   Tasting impressions include fresh hay, florals, and sweet cream.  This is not a subtle white tea, like the silver needle types we carry from Fujian Province or Kenya.  There is a really nice body and heft to this tea. 

The tea was shade dried, which means that it was simply picked and then allowed to dry slowly in shade.  Because it wasn't oven-dried or sun-dried, the tea took a bit longer to get to a dry enough state for it be ready and that extra time means it went experienced a bit more of the flavor and color development that comes with oxidation.