• 2020 The Nameless One Ripe Puerh

    The Nameless One is a truly gorgeous tea, one that makes a strong argument against the widespread assumption that ripe puerh is fundamentally a lesser tea than raw puerh.  This tea stopped me in my tracks and briefly took me to another tasting realm altogether.  I was not expecting something so smooth and refined yet absolutely packed with complexity.  There is an exceptionally silky and syrupy texture with tasting notes of chocolate, wood, and vanilla. 

    This is a lightly fermented, small batch blend of high end puerh materials, one that will lend itself to several years of further aging but is absolutely enjoyable now.  We have some stashed away, and our future selves will surely be delighted.  I encourage you to at the least grab a sample.  However,  if you're predominantly a fan of the very earthy, very dark, forest-y ripe puerhs, this is not that tea. 

    A 2020 White2Tea production.