2019 White Moonlight | Yue Guang Bai

There are many white moonlight teas on the market, but this one ranks among our very favorites.  White Moonlight, also called Yue Guang Bai, is one of those teas that is sort of hard to put in a box.  The leaves are from tea trees customarily used to make puerh, but the tea is processed simply like a white tea (just picked and withered until dry).  If the tea experiences a lot of heat while it is being processed, the tea will take on flavors and colors that verge towards black tea.  If the tea is processed in cooler conditions, the finished product will still retain more of its delicate aromatics and with a lighter color.  

This particular White Moonlight is made from heirloom old growth tea trees in a cooler environment, and is thus a lighter, olive-oil type color with a very fresh and mildly fruity flavor with lightly floral aromatics.  It's rich and crisp with a clean, vibrant taste. 

2019 Spring Harvest.  Jinggu County, Yunnan.