• 2015 Citrus Bomb Ripe Puerh (Ganpu)

    These 2015 ripe puerh stuffed mandarin orange skins really are 'citrus bombs,' but in only a good way.  The mandarin skins used for this tea are specially cultivated to maximize the naturally occurring aromatic oils and they are dried in a manner that really encourages those aromatics to "pop."  These Citrus Bombs are some of the best tasting mandarin stuffed teas we've ever tried.

    Each mandarin can be steeped multiple times and are suitable for gong fu, western tea pot, and thermos steeping.  One mandarin is generally between 8 to 10 grams (the weights will vary) and can easily provide you with hours of tea drinking time.  You can break up the tea and the mandarin to steep it, you can poke a few holes in the mandarin to steep it, or you can just put the entire mandarin as is in a tea pot and let it casually steep.  They're quite flexible and they make excellent tea companions for your day. 

    The mandarins hail from Xinhui, Guangdong Province, picked in 2020.  The puerh is from Jinggu County, Yunnan Province, 2015 vintage. 

    Please note: You may notice some white crystallization on the exterior of the mandarin.  Fear not!  It is crystallized citrus oil, naturally occurring from the drying process.