2003 Dayi/Menghai Golden Needle White Lotus Loose Leaf Ripe Puerh

This is an early version of the classic Dayi Golden Needle White Lotus Ripe, stored in Kunming.  In 2005 Dayi started pressing this tea into cakes, but before then it was a loose leaf blend.  It's made entirely of buds and small leaves.

The liquor is very smooth with a gorgeous clarity.  Definite notes of wood, dark chocolate, and cherry with of course an earthy quality one expects from ripes.  It has a very pleasing light mouthfeel, very elegant. 

This is the kind of tea that makes me simultaneously completely jazzed because it's so good and also decently anxious because it won't last long.  I suppose that's the beauty of a special tea - the opportunity to be present with this one moment, this one tea.