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Benihikari Black Tea from Japan

Benihikari is a relatively hard to find black tea cultivar from Japan.  It's parentage includes tea plants from India, China, and Japan.  The tea somewhat reminiscent of Ruby 18, one of the famous Taiwanese black tea varietals, in that it is known to have a faint camphor-menthol aroma.  That signature aroma is pretty subdued in this offering, as it blends in seamlessly with the sweet fruit aromatics and the mellow, buttery body of the tea.  Overall the tea is richly fragrant, well-rounded, and smooth.  It is lightly oxidized for a black tea, accentuating the bright, lush fruits that are typical of some fine Japanese black teas.

No pesticides are used in this garden.

Spring 2021 harvest.  Shizuoka Prefecture.