• Handmade Vietnamese Jasmine Green

    We're big fans of scented tea generally, but the opportunity to enjoy this artisanal, handmade jasmine scented tea from Vietnam is quite special.  Both the jasmine flowers and the tea are grown naturally, without any agrochemicals of any kind.  The tea plants and the jasmine flowers come from the high mountains in Ha Giang, Vietnam.  They are both hand-picked, but at separate times of the year so some tea is set aside for a while until the jasmine is ready to be picked.  

    When the jasmine flowers are at the perfect state of openness, they are blended with the green tea on three different occasions, letting the heavenly scent of the jasmine deeply permeate the green tea.  The jasmine is picked out by hand each time.  The jasmine aroma on this tea is soft and deep.  The tea is clean and very pure tasting.  

    This tea comes from our friends Nguyen Viet Hung and Vu Thi Hai Yen, who also make our Sunny Honey, First Kiss, Ginger Red, Aged Cinnamon Red, and Lotus Green.