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    Kilimanjaro Organic Silver Tips White Tea

    This is another gem from Bente Luther-Medoch's farm in Tanzania, on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Inspired of course by the classic Fujianese white tea, Silver Needle, Bente's Tanzanian silver needle tea is bursting with flavor and aroma.  The aroma is very fresh, a bit like a meadow full of fresh grasses, with a creamy fruity quality to it.  It is thick and lush, with a crisp sweet finish.   

    There is a brief moment at first when drinking this tea that you can clearly see the relationship Kilimanjaro Silver Tips has to classical Fujianese Silver Needle, but immediately the tea swells into a lush, sweet, wide, fruity, butter affair.  Highly recommended.  

    2022 Harvest